Tunheim works hard.

From Fortune 500 companies to grassroots advocacy campaigns to the world’s most iconic events, we represent clients who have a problem that we can help solve or want to know what direction to take next and how to get there.

Tunheim aims to be our clients’ most valued partner.


2019 NCAA Men’s Final Four




United States Golf Association

Move MN

Super Bowl LII

Schneider Electric

Coffee & Bagels

University of Minnesota

Siemens Foundation

Ryder Cup

Minnesota Hospital Association

Minnesota’s Hospitals

Change Management

Assessing the ‘Value Prop’

The terminology has always struck me as a little slick for something so fundamentally important: “value proposition” is a concept that every organization needs to own and revisit in its relationships to employees, to customers and other key stakeholders.I unpack…
Kathy Tunheim
September 24, 2021
Community Building

School Lessons That Last

My granddaughter reported that her first day of second grade last week was “the best school day ever.”  Since I know that she was wearing a mask and observing social distancing, I’m pretty sure it was not, in fact, the…
Kathy Tunheim
September 14, 2021
Community Development

Reflection on 9/11

In every generation, I suppose there are defining moments: those events or experiences that create shared milestones and common definitions of ‘before X’ and ‘post X’ realities.For most of us over the age of, let’s arbitrarily say 30, September 11,…
Kathy Tunheim
September 9, 2021
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