Businesses face new, dynamic challenges every day; many of those challenges are catalysts for change management. At Tunheim, we operate by the fundamental belief that successful organizations must take responsibility for being understood by their most important stakeholders. Tunheim helps its clients navigate change and communicate effectively to bring stakeholders along.

We understand the complexities of dynamic organizations. Tunheim works closely with our clients to develop the research that uncovers gaps and opportunities, and the change management processes that deliver on the potential of an organization and bring key stakeholders along for shared success.

Our methodology is strong and we customize it for each client. We are first and foremost active listeners. Our consultative approach is steeped in gathering insights from all key stakeholders, and then measuring and illuminating the gulf between an organization’s aspirations and stakeholders’ experience. Then developing a plan to bridge that gap.

Even as we work through change, we understand the need for organizations to keep operations running. We run parallel paths for clients all the time — designing for the future and delivering on today’s demands.

Our management consulting services include:
  • Change management
  • Reputation management
  • Strategic positioning
  • Crisis management
  • Stakeholder research
  • Research + audits
  • Strategic planning + evaluation
  • Executive coaching


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