Tunheim developed a comprehensive communications implementation plan to support the rollout of a new partnership focused on workforce development.

Siemens Foundation recently designed its workforce development program to address the gaps in the United States’ workforce initiatives for STEM middle-skilled professions. It is Siemens Foundation’s hope that program implementation increases the overall discussion on workforce development programs directed at STEM middle-skill and provides opportunities to position itself as a thought leader in the space.

Siemens Foundation tasked Tunheim with developing a communications tactical implementation strategy to communicate their workforce development plan along with the challenges working within a partnership, how to communicate complex problems and how to navigate multi-channel communications.


Tunheim devised the following plan to assist the foundation in gathering feedback:

Researched landscape assessment of successful philanthropic communications efforts;
Conducted one-on-one interviews with Siemens Foundation and key stakeholders; and
Consulted on communications plan to better position themselves well with internal stakeholders, primarily business leads, thoughtfully leverage partner programs and get earned media wins.

Coordinate with all stakeholder parties to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for grand opening visitors from Minnesota and across the country.

Equip both local and national media with the assets, information and access to tell the story of the stadium, from groundbreaking to the public grand opening and beyond.

Key messaging designed to outline the case for Siemens Foundation’s workforce development program addressing overall program messages and program messages targeted to key audience;

Branded campaign approach on workforce development, with a large focus on STEM middle-skills, to implement on the Foundation’s website;

Program launch strategy using a holistic approach with a focus on outlining the gap in the U.S. and the opportunity for key audiences; and

Key program dates timeline that serves as a roadmap for Siemens Foundation and its communication partners to manage and coordinate partner activities.