To kick off our 2020 Digital Look In series, we are showcasing some of the best 2019 digital campaigns. The competition and creativity was high, but we selected some great campaigns that feature collaboration, social issues and great storytelling based on the truth of daily life and even the harsh reality of adulthood.

Nike “Dream Crazier” inspiring video highlighting double standards for female athletes

Nike did it again by continuing the culture-rattling conversation with its “Dream Crazier” ad. Serena Williams narrates the video speaking about the double standard of how female athletes are treated when they expose their emotions and ambitions to the world. Nike’s ad went viral on social media and shows the importance of utilizing all platforms for digital campaigns. They directly address the inequality women in sports experience and have gained a spot at the top of the 2019 roundup.


Halo Top: Ice cream for adults…getting to who really deserves a treat

“What did you all do to deserve ice cream today?” Halo Top’s national campaign hilariously turns an ice cream truck into a place of harsh reality. Children are told the truth about life and maybe why adults deserve ice cream more than them. Relatable and true, the ice cream man dishes on the harsh realities of the world we adults live in including mortgages, love, online dating and work! What a way to convince adults that yes they deserve ice cream, plus there’s no guilt because ther is only 300 calories per pint.


Thinx imagines a world where men get periods and how it would change our culture

We are talking MENstruation for Thinx’s first national campaign which gained a spot on top campaigns for 2019. This year we saw a prevalence of socially responsible campaigns, Thinx follows this trend by imagining a world where men have periods and having them experience all-too-familiar situations to women. The goal in mind is to create more empathy and keep opening up the conversation about normalizing menstruation. Great example of how brands are being innovative on rethinking our real experiences when sharing their stories.


The genius Bud Light-Game of Thrones Super Bowl crossover ad

This may look familiar from the Super Bowl, yes another Bud Light Knight commercial. This ad won the top spot for AdWeek’s best of 2019. The brilliant mashup of HBO and Bud Light showed the potential of collaborating two very popular brands. In a creative twist the crowd favorite Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” commercial crossed over into a Game of Thrones takeover, theme song and all. This ad definitely left us thinking about the potential and creativity that comes with the collaboration of agencies, as well as brands.


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