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YouTuber fakes Bali vacation in IKEA

YouTuber Natalia Taylor is reminding us not to believe everything we see on the internet. She posted a series of photos on Instagram that looked like she had traveled to an exotic destination with the location tagged as Bali. Later, she revealed on her YouTube channel that the photos were staged at an IKEA store, showing how easy it is to fool people. The photos received thousands of likes, even though one of the photos even showed an IKEA price tag. To enhance her story, she also posted videos from her friends that went to Bali.


Harvey Weinstein brought down by investigative journalism and a hashtag

This week, we witnessed the conviction of Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. The once esteemed producer had been abusing women for years before The New York Times and The New Yorker broke their story and the #MeToo Movement gave women the courage to come forward with their own. Whether Weinstein gets the sentence he deserves or not, his reputation was brought down permanently by the digital and social platforms that allowed women to share their stories. Thanks, #MeToo!


FCC complaints say Super Bowl halftime show was too hot for primetime

Yes, people are still talking about J.Lo and Shakira. We all saw the chatter on social media following this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Controversy arose over the costume choices and dancing styles, with many people left feeling like the performance was an inappropriate choice for a show that viewers of all ages that would be watching. This week, we learned that there have been more than 1,300 complaints filed with the FCC following the show. Now the question is, do next year’s producers take the feedback to heart, or call it a PR win that the show is still in the news weeks later?


How to market expensive dog food? Put CBD in it.

Consumers are increasingly thinking of and shopping for their pets as family members. In the past year, U.S. pet owners spent more than $33 million on pet food with “human grade” products. And if there’s one thing American consumers love as much as their pets, it’s CBD oil. Although CBD isn’t mainstream in the pet food industry yet, studies are showing there’s only a limited amount of time before dog owners are easing their furry friends’ anxiety with CBD and are willing to cough up even more money for food with CBD in it.


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