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“Dry January” provides a marketing opportunity for… alcohol brands?

One in five Americans is participating in “Dry January,” or attempting to abstain from alcohol for the duration of this month. What could have been chalked up as a low sales month for booze brands has turned into an opportunity to market low or no alcohol beverages, or market to those who aren’t participating in “Dry January” in the new year.


Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump to run competing Super Bowl Ads

Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump have each spent $10 Million on campaign ads that will run during the Super Bowl. Big spending on Super Bowl ads is uncommon for political candidates, and Bloomberg’s team reportedly said that their goal for the ad is “getting under Trump’s skin.” Bloomberg entered the race in November and is funding his campaign with his personal fortune.


Influencers get creative to raise money for Australia

As people across the world chip in to support Australia as it faces growing wildfires, a few influencers have found major success in creative fundraising tactics. Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian and actor set the global record for Facebook’s fundraising program and PayPal is expediting its usual process to get the funds in the right hands ASAP. In even less conventional fundraising news, this Instagram influencer sold nude photos to incentivize donations.


The rise of the celebrity health influencer

Michael Phelps broke barriers when he went public about struggling with his mental health. Serena Williams showed us a new side of her when addressing issues around childbirth effecting African American mothers. Non-athletes have become health and wellness icons by sharing their diets and work-out regimens with their fans. Social media has changed the way we understand celebrities, and an important outcome of that is the rise of the celebrity health influencer.


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