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Bloomberg Media launches ‘Bloomberg Green’ to focus on climate change

Meet Bloomberg Green. The media giant’s new effort toward increasing the frequency and depth of its environmental coverage. In addition to its website, the new, multi-platform brand offshoot will include a daily newsletter, print magazine on recycled paper and a podcast discussing the business, science and technology of climate change. Bloomberg Green will also roll out an interactive dashboard, called Data Dash, that tracks the effects of climate change in real time, such as the metrics on the current parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and each day’s most polluted city.


“Equal Time” for political candidates on social media?

Due to known foreign country interference in the 2016 presidential U.S. election,Forbes offers a potential way to address how ad targeting interferes with politics. The idea is that candidates should have equal opportunity to respond to audiences targeted by their opponent’s digital ads. “It would be an updated digital ‘equal time’ rule for twentieth century political campaigns.”


Facing public relations crises, Boeing reportedly looks for $10B-plus

Should the Boeing 737 Max rebrand this plane to address the public relations crisis surrounding its spectacular failures? In order to rebuild consumer confidence, Boeing needs to do more than calling the aircraft by another name. If you ask us, good PR is not as simple as slapping a shiny new logo on a catastrophic problem. Boeing needs to double down on honest audience outreach as well as making enough substantial changes and safety enhancements to this new line of planes that they actually are new models.


Queen Elizabeth’s royal crisis PR performance

The Queen was just as stunned as the rest of us to find out that Harry and Meghan are taking a step back from their royal duties, especially because she found out on Instagram. This sudden announcement brought the royal family into crisis PR mode which they handled with grace. Its important to note first, that Queen Elizabeth has not always handled crisis situations eloquently, and second, that the work is nowhere near done: the family needs to continue to work together to control the narrative around the Duke and Duchess’s departure.


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