Community Development

Constructive Optimism

I can’t remember ever trying to put a year into context by the third week in January, but here I am with that task. I spent much of the past year anticipating that 2021 would be better than 2020 (please!),…
Kathy Tunheim
January 26, 2021
Digital + Content

Digital Influence in 2021

Digital marketing is nothing new in 2021 and producing at least some kind of digital content is standard for most organizations. In 2021, many organizations are needing to shift focus toward integrating their digital strategy across channels and with other…
Maddie Renneke
January 22, 2021
Community Development

Can We Talk?

The late, iconic comedian Joan Rivers delivered that line in a way that signaled that she was heavily burdened about something…and that she thought the person she was talking to would listen. The events of the past week have blown…
Kathy Tunheim
January 12, 2021
Community Development


New year…new decade…welcome, 2021. To say we have looked forward to your arrival may be the understatement of my professional life. After the disruptions of COVID-19, in particular, the strong desire is to jump out of the gates of a…
Kathy Tunheim
January 5, 2021
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