In a recent conversation between Liz Sheets and David Erickson, they discussed the significant changes happening in the world of social media, particularly the impact of Twitter’s evolution on communicators and marketers. Watch the video to get a firsthand look at their insights and analysis of the changing landscape of social conversations.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

The Former Dominance of Twitter Data

Twitter has long been a vital source of public data for social listening tools, providing a window into real-time conversations and trending topics. However, with shifts in Twitter’s user base and the platform’s inherent volatility, the landscape of social conversations is undergoing a radical transformation. As David points out, Twitter was never fully representative of the wider public, but it was the largest dataset that could be somewhat extrapolated to gauge public sentiment.

Shifting Demographics and Volatility

The changes in Twitter’s user demographics, coupled with an exodus from the platform, mean that the data available for social listening is no longer as reliable as it once was. As a result, marketers and communicators need to rethink their strategies. The days of solely depending on tools for social listening may be over, as the nature of the conversations we can monitor has shifted.

Adapting Your Social Strategy

Marketers and communicators will need to roll up their sleeves and invest more effort in manually seeking out conversations that matter. This new reality presents both a challenge and an opportunity. It encourages a deeper understanding of the social landscape, moving beyond the limitations of one platform and becoming more attuned to a diverse range of social spaces.

In conclusion, as we adapt to the post-Twitter era, it is clear that the world of social conversations is evolving rapidly. Marketers and communicators need to embrace this change, explore new avenues, and stay ahead of the curve. By doing so, they can continue to capture the pulse of public sentiment and ensure their strategies remain effective in this dynamic digital landscape.

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