Talking about race

As a 65-year-old white female executive, I must confess that I have serious work to do on the challenge of talking comfortably about race: about differences, about commonalities, about privilege, about systemic racism and its corrosive impacts on people –…
Kathy Tunheim
June 30, 2021
Corporate Communications

Corporate Voice

I have written from time to time about the increasing pressure on leaders of organizations, including corporations, to “engage in the public square” in ways that would have been highly unlikely not so very long ago. As reckonings on multiple…
Kathy Tunheim
June 23, 2021
Community Development

Happy Juneteenth!

Happy Juneteenth! Tomorrow, our team will be taking time off to commemorate the holiday marking the emancipation of people who were enslaved in the United States. We will be (virtually) closing our office doors to take time to reflect on…
June 17, 2021
Community Development

Observing Juneteenth

I learned about the history of Juneteenth more than twenty years ago, when it was first recognized in Minnesota, and was respectful of the idea that it was an important day for some of us. I honestly was not sure…
Kathy Tunheim
June 15, 2021
Communications Leadership

Softball Lessons

Beyond the pure enjoyment of being back in gatherings with friends, family and colleagues, I am benefitting this summer from the opportunity to watch our seven-year-old granddaughter play her first season of softball. It is turning out to be a…
Kathy Tunheim
June 8, 2021
Community Development

“My Daddy Changed the World”

Of all the imagery, demonstrations, dialogue and destruction unleashed after George Floyd died, nothing impacted me more than those simple words from his young daughter. The pride and the hope captured in that short sentence has powered a global body…
Kathy Tunheim
May 25, 2021
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