Tunheim’s Director of PR and Media, Bess Ellenson addresses the changing landscape of newsrooms in recent years.

The COVID Catalyst

Undoubtedly, a significant catalyst for the changing landscape in newsrooms has been the global COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic necessitating remote work arrangements, newsrooms had to swiftly adapt. The traditional newsroom buzz, with reporters bustling about the office, was replaced. This shift has required journalists to navigate a whole new set of challenges.

Staff and Resource Cutbacks

Another seismic shift in newsrooms has been the substantial reduction in staff and resources. Gone are the days when there was a dedicated person for every role in the newsroom. Instead, journalists are now wearing multiple hats, often handling many different roles simultaneously. This change, while making newsrooms more streamlined, has also made it considerably more challenging for journalists to produce the same volume of content they once did.

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