Have you heard? Tunheim is churning out podcasts left and right.

It’s true. Tunheim’s talent and technical capabilities are growing, which we are using to help several clients start, record and promote their own podcasts. In fact, we have a brand-new podcast studio in our office that we are eager to put to use and share our own stories.

In this blog, we discuss things when to start a podcast, our full portfolio of client podcast, as well as a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes look at Tunheim’s upcoming podcast: Being Understood.

When Should You Start a Podcast?

The simple answer is if you have something interesting to share and your message is compelling to your key audience. Companies can fall into a trap of wanting to talk about themselves instead of focusing on what the audience wants. The primary goal is to inform or entertain; your audience always comes first.

Another thing to consider is do you have the capacity to do a podcast, whether in-house or outsourced? Podcasting requires equipment, software, and the skills to optimize and market.

Starting a podcast also requires a lot of patience. Building a following takes time and it is easy to get discouraged. Trust in the process; Taylor Swift didn’t fill a stadium for her first concert.

The Tunheim Podcast Portfolio

Tunheim is passionate about podcasts. If you have something interesting to say, we believe podcasts are a great tactic to further market your business and jump into a phenomenon in pop culture that has become a massive trend.

Our clients have a variety of interesting ideas and stories to share, and we have built and supported podcasts to house them. These are the ones we are working on:

Divided Dynasties

Mark Briol and Scott Benson are two Minnesota lawyers who founded their own private practice firm Briol & Benson over 20 years ago. They specialize in complex commercial and financial cases and have great expertise in family business disputes.

Divided Dynasties is a podcast we have built, coordinated, marketed, optimized and continues to provide on-air talent for. Tunheim’s Pat Milan with a voice born for radio co-hosts the show with Mark and Scott, asking questions and guiding conversation. From stories about former clients and previous cases to a hypothetical prenup between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the duo showcase how they cut through the madness to deliver positive results.

Champions of Homecare

As the largest provider of homecare services in Minnesota, Accra’s Champions of Homecare podcast is an avenue for clients and providers alike to learn more about Accra, its services and community resources that support the independence of older adults and people with disabilities. Champions of Homecare is co-hosted by Accra’s CAO David Hancox and Tunheim’s Jason Dorow, who hold conversations with home care industry experts and community leaders about how Accra clients can unlock a greater quality of life.

The podcast attracts several groups including those seeking homecare, Accra’s current clients, community partners, as well as social workers. Tunheim is the main driver of this podcast and provides everything from on-air talent to marketing and web optimization.

Eckankar Soul Adventure

Eckankar is a spiritual movement founded in the 1960s emphasizing spirituality and the idea of Soul Travel. The Soul Adventure podcast is hosted by Doug Kunin and features various guests who practice Eckankar and help guide listeners on their spiritual journeys. Eckankar takes the lead on their podcast and has their own equipment, while Tunheim provides marketing support, web optimization and other strategies to reach new listeners.

Being Understood: A Tunheim Podcast

Tunheim has been in the PR business for over 30 years. The clients we have supported and the wide array of experience of every individual in our agency paint a picture of our history. With that history comes a wealth of stories to share about the work we have done.

Our motto at Tunheim is that we help our clients be understood. This is what inspired our brand-new podcast: Being Understood. In it, CMO Liz Sheets and Director of Public Relations and Media Bess Ellenson sit down with other members of our agency to ask them about how they help their clients be understood.

With the added work of Digital Intern Leo Moulsoff, Tunheim now has a fully operational podcast studio fit with the beautiful backdrop of our office view of downtown Bloomington, MN. Equipped with full video and audio capabilities, our studio is home to both in and out-of-house series.

The studio is designed to capture conversations utilizing both audio and video equipment. Our studio features an HD tri-camera setup, as well as three broadcast microphones (soon to be four) that produce high quality recordings.

Our studio is equipped with a 12-channel mixer that can incorporate audio from microphones as well as any external sources.

Our monitors also ensure a uniform and professional look to our shows and allow a producer to view all three camera angles simultaneously as they set up their camera shots. Alternatively, we offer a virtual option for recording podcasts that enable our clients to create content wherever they or their guests may be.

Want to start a podcast but not sure where to start? Reach out today and learn how we can help you get recording.

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