Tunheim has been fortunate enough to work alongside the Nature’s Way team this past summer and fall to help launch some new products. Through our work with them, we have gotten to know Lynn Green, Integrative Nurse and Master Herbalist, NP, MH, who at Nature’s Way focuses on primary prevention and holistic health. We were able to get the scoop from Lynn on ways to stay healthy this season. Read on to learn more!

With back-to-school season in full swing, what are some helpful tips and tricks for keeping students healthy?

Modeling good behavior/techniques. We can educate kids, which is a great foundation, however watching adults that they respect practicing good handwashing/sanitizing, mask wearing and social distancing will carry a lot more weight. If you are finding resistance to mask wearing, having the little person make their own (with help, of course) out of material they like or being able to pick their own premade masks can help. Regarding social groups, assure yourself that any socialization can be with other people of your philosophy regarding protection for infectious diseases – remember for every person you open your social circle up to you are also exposed essentially to everyone else they have been around in the last 14 days. Utilizing technology to stay connected with family and friends is also an option. Your kids can have virtual play dates with other classmates, or mom and dad can do a virtual happy hour or coffee with friends. Maintaining a healthy body is also one of the body’s best defenses. When looking at health this means optimal nutrients (as best as you can), quality sleep, exercise (movement), stress management and meaningful relationships. The food we eat is fuel for our bodies! Nutritious, non-processed foods are best – the closest to the form the earth made them!

Here you can find checklists from the CDC to aid in staying the safest you can from communicable diseases, not only COVID-19, but these help decrease the spread of all respiratory communicable diseases.

Homework time! The ability to buckle down and study is not always easy for kids. What are some ways to help kids concentrate so they can succeed in school?

First, Exercise! It helps stimulates blood flow, blows off stress hormones and enhances concentration. Minimize distractions by turning off notifications on phones/computers, calm music, or a quiet environment. Make sure bellies are full and there is a glass of water available. Remind your kids to take bathroom breaks prior to sessions to minimize interruptions during class. In this day of online learning, the dining room table may not be the best spot for concentration due to the activities that surround that area. When evaluating a new learning location think of age appropriate spaces, like a desk dedicated to school make sure school supplies are organized and immediately in the learning space. Pets are lovely and benefit us in so many ways, but if they are disruptive to the learning environment keep them out. Every situation is different and every child is unique, so find what works best for you and your family!

Distance learning poses many new challenges for both kids and parents. One of those ways is increased screen time. Can you explain how blue light can affect school-aged kids and what can be done to help reduce its effects?

While the long-term effects of blue light are still being studied, Harvard Health Publishing reports that blue light may disrupt our natural circadian rhythms and make it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. It can impact the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which signals your body that it is time for bed. If you have children, you know how vital a good night’s sleep is for their overall well-being! While blue light is often associated with digital devices, its primary source is from the sun.

Our eyes can filter some blue light with special pigments called carotenoids. Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables; your body does not produce these naturally. The two types of carotenoids that are most effective in filtering blue light are lutein and zeaxanthin. You can incorporate lutein and zeaxanthin into your diet with foods like carrots, kale, broccoli and spinach!

Lutein and zeaxanthin are stored in your eyes — specifically in the macula, the region of the eye near the center of your retina that helps you focus on what’s in front of you, like a computer screen or notebook.

There are several effective ways to help limit blue light. The most effective and obvious is by limiting screen time or wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Another way to help support eye health is by taking a supplement with Lutemax 2020 which can help the eyes shield and filter blue light from the sun, LEDs, and digital devices.* Lutemax 2020 is an ingredient that combines lutein and zeaxanthin. The Alive! Teen multivitamins are the perfect multivitamins for your children to help ensure they get the essential nutrients they need with the addition of  Lutemax 2020.

Lutemax 2020 is a trademark of OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd.

Cold season is upon us. What are some ways to help prevent getting sick this season?

I so wish I had the answer to never getting sick! However, there are some great ways to support your body to help it not to get sick. As mentioned above getting optimal nutrients, quality sleep, exercise (movement), stress management and meaningful relationships all help you to be a “healthy host.” The healthy host concept is one of resiliency – if your body is the healthiest it can be you can fight off pests (virus, bacteria etc., basically invaders) by mounting an appropriate immune response. We know our immune systems need great nutrition and micronutrients to operate most efficiently. Everyone is unique, so please always consult your healthcare provider about your specific situation.

If you have caught the common cold, what are some remedies for recovery?

First off, always seek the opinion of your personal health care provider if you need assistance or are unsure of a path forward for you. Along with what we think of as home remedies, there are a few classics – mom’s chicken soup, hot tea, wrap up in a warm blanket. Nature’s Way® Umcka Coldcare ® products can also help with reduce severity of symptoms associated with the common cold like nasal, throat and bronchial irritations and speeds recovery. Umcka® comes in syrup, chewable tablets, fast actives, and lozenges. In our fast-paced world, it is also important to take time to recover (the convalescent period) which has not been valued, but it should be. The sick person needs care and should take time to get their strength back.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Lynn Green, Integrative Nurse and Master Herbalist, NP, MH

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