Today’s environment is more complex and uncertain than ever. The last year has ushered in more challenges and on-the-fly change management for organizations than any time in modern history. Often that uncertainty can quickly turn from manageable to an issue playing out in the public sphere.

Are you managing an issue?

Sometimes an objective expert is what it takes to provide perspective to maintain and protect your organization’s reputation. Tunheim brings experienced, senior counsel who are not new to, or intimidated by, the challenges now deeply affecting our society.

With any issue or crisis, Tunheim will listen and will counsel you to gather the facts available, be transparent and share what you know. Especially right now, Tunheim will counsel to be mindful of the many experiences people are facing and find ways to engage when or where appropriate for your organization’s stakeholders.

Our senior crisis management team is built upon years of experience navigating uncertain waters with clients in the public, private, government and nonprofit sectors. We’re adept at managing disruption in the face of uncertainty while never losing sight of the ultimate goal – maintaining and protecting our clients’ reputations.

How we help

Crisis planning

Step one in navigating any crisis well is being prepared. Crisis planning is one of the most important steps a company can take to ensure a future crisis is handled professionally, efficiently and doesn’t negatively impact its reputation. Tunheim offers full-service crisis planning, including scenario and response planning, messaging strategy and core message development and development of communication protocol and contact strategy.

If not existing already (or if needing updates for issues of today, such as the pandemic, civil unrest, technology breaches or other new realities), Tunheim will recommend the development of a protocol and communications plan for responding to a crisis, including (but not limited to):

  • Identification of key triggers and timing;
  • Identification of a crisis communications team;
  • Define internal and external communications vehicles;
  • Develop cadence for communications to key stakeholders, employees and media; and
  • Draft general key messages.

Crisis training

In addition to crisis planning, Tunheim provides crisis training for senior leaders and staff surrounding crisis protocols and procedures, media relations training and spokesperson training to ensure no one is caught unprepared.

We develop the training based on each unique organization’s needs, but it often includes:

  • What triggers a crisis;
  • Leadership’s biggest crisis concerns;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of leadership in dealing with a crisis;
  • Communications tools that should and should not be used in various scenarios;
  • Primary spokespeople; and
  • How to distinguish between a true crisis and a “bad day,” and how each would be handled differently.

Crisis response team

Our crisis management team is often the first to receive a phone call when a crisis occurs. We offer immediate strategy, counsel and response support to help our clients navigate an occurring or impending crisis. Whether a crisis last days, weeks or years, our senior team remains engaged throughout the entire process.

Having experienced guidance and a partner with you in the trenches is important while managing a reputation issue. If you would like to talk to Tunheim about our crisis services, please contact us at 952-851-1600.

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