With flavors that scream “Minnesota!”, client Brother Justus Whiskey Company (BJWC) is officially kicking off curbside pickup prior to opening its brand-new cocktail room next month (COVID-19 shutdown dependent). While plans for the local whiskey distillery changed last week—the cocktail room was originally supposed to open to the public for reservations this week on Wednesday, November 25th—BWJC was able to quickly shift gears following the recent announcement of the bar and restaurant restrictions put in place due to rising COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations.

The Minneapolis-based American Single Malt whiskey distiller—with a 14,000-square-foot distillery and cocktail room located in Northeast Minneapolis—is the brainchild of Founder and CEO, Phil Steger, who set out to concoct whiskey flavors that didn’t yet exist in the marketplace. Steger and the BJWC team aimed to craft Minnesota’s first American Single Malt whiskey with earthy and herbaceous notes of the Great North. As Phil would say, Minnesota is home to three biomes that together perfectly for whiskey crafting including: the Big Woods, where white oak thrives; the Great Plains; with rich prairie soil for cultivating barley; and the Boreal Forest, home to millennia-old bogs filled with peat.

Team Tunheim helped BJWC announce the news of the new distillery and cocktail room location to the public and assisted with the quick pivot toward a COVID-friendly curbside approach. And lucky for locals, a bevy of whiskeys and carefully crafted House of Gristle charcuterie boards are on the menu for pickup! Choose from 375ml bottles of Brother Justus’ American Single Malt Whiskeys—Silver American Single Malt, American Single Malt and Cold-Peated American Single Malt; and a House of Gristle Cheese & Charcuterie Box curated with cured meats, aged cheeses, candied nuts, dried fruits, and crackers and jam.

The savory and sweet box is the work of nationally recognized Chef Jametta Raspberry who owns the local pop-up and catering operation, House of Gristle. The female- and black-owned business is partnering with BJWC to provide a spread of cheeses, chocolates and charcuterie in its cocktail room that are built to perfectly pair with any one of the Brother Justus American Single Malt whiskeys.

To learn more about Brother Justus Whiskey Company visit https://brotherjustus.com/, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and check out this recent article from Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on the news of Brother Justus Whiskey Company’s curbside pickup offering and soon-to-come cocktail room!

Let Justus flow!

We are located at

8009 34th Ave South Suite 1100
Bloomington, MN 55425

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