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The Power of Microinfluencers in Healthcare

As social algorithms have changed, having millions of followers is no longer a primary indicator of success when it comes to influencer marketing. “Microinfluencers” (everyday people with a focused, yet highly engaged social followings) are having particular impact in the health space because they tend to be more relatable, reflective of their peer group, and trusted by those who seek them out for advice and opinions. And, the notion that people trust other people more than they do companies or brands isn’t going to change.


TikTok Bans Political Ads

TikTok, the social video app that is a favorite of Gen-Zers everywhere, has banned political advertising, claiming that it doesn’t match the more jovial experience of the platform. The app aims to be known as a lighthearted place that creates a “positive, refreshing environment.” (Wait, are they saying politics isn’t lighthearted?)


Video is Crucial for Reaching Social Media Audiences

Social media habits are changing as users are favoring two things: community and video. New data reveals that the most important social media platform for brands isn’t Facebook or Instagram – it’s YouTube. Social media users love to engage with and share video, and making good online video content a marketer’s best hope for breaking through the latest algorithm changes.


Taylor Swift’s Surprisingly Charming ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are intimate, live-streamed musical sets aired online-only since 2008. Long been a favorite of more under-the-radar and emerging artists, it’s known for giving fans a real glimpse into the personalities of artists as they play their songs in a small office behind a desk at NPR’s Washington DC studio. More mainstream artists have been seen behind the desk of late, which NPR recently nabbing their biggest “get” yet – Taylor Swift. During her performance this week, Taylor said that Tiny Desk shows are her “favorite corner of the Internet.” Now it’s everybody else’s, too.


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