We’re assessing how changes in the Chinese stock market and its currency are causing marketers to rethink their plans for 2016.

Tunheim’s “Rethinking Everything” Podcast

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In the second installment of Tunheim’s “Rethinking Everything” podcast, we look at how the slowing of the Chinese economy is affecting the marketing and communications plans of multinational brands operating there. Tunheim’s Chief Creative Officer Patrick Milan interviews two partners from our IPREX network who are based in Hong Kong and Beijing. Maggie Chan and David Croasdale of Newell PR say U.S. brands are holding steady in China — while German brands are acting a bit more cautious.

Our China experts share their insights on big challenges ahead that are heavily impacted by a maturing Chinese market and its current economic headwinds. As a group, they are “Rethinking Everything: Marketing in China.” 

This episode features:

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