As 2016 begins, Tunheim is Rethinking some things … here are the top 10:

1. Rethinking talent: Why tomorrow’s workforce needs are disrupting industries

Rethinking talent

The globalization of jobs is nothing new, but companies today are facing a crisis: a shortage of skilled workers for growing fields. The fact is, the speed of adaptability for today’s workforce is faster than most employers can handle. Concurrently, the most sought-after individuals are creating their own “body of work” to achieve the quality of life they desire. If a company approaches talent the way it always has, it is time to align with today’s reality. Keep reading.

2. Rethinking participation trophies: Failure is a necessary component of life

Rethinking participation trophies

We’re jumping into the great debate and taking a stance! Participation trophies, while a nice concept, actually teach the wrong lesson. No one likes to lose. In fact, 68% of college football teams qualified for a bowl game this year, including some teams with losing seasons. We’re asking the question, if you don’t ever lose, do you ever really understand what it means to compete and win?

3. Rethinking compromise: Today’s complex world needs more cooperation and less conflict

Rethinking compromise

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have disagreed and bickered with each other. Call us idealistic: today’s technology, globalization and connectivity requires a more sophisticated approach to find what makes us alike rather than what makes us different. As we learned 18 years ago from Co-opetition, organizations are better off when they realize today’s competitor could be tomorrow’s customer. We’re encouraged through our navigation of global businesses — and the growth of our work in coalition building — that savvy organizations can do more for their stakeholders when they see beyond short-term self-interest.

4. Rethinking millennials: Stop segregating generations

Rethinking millennials

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce and the largest share of the U.S. voting-age population. Yet the media continues to draw sharp distinctions between Gen X, Baby Boomers, the Greatest Generation and Millennials. And one gripe we have: constantly comparing and contrasting working styles and general viewpoints. Can we get over it and stop segregating generations? Generations have always had to find common ground with each other. Heck, Millennials as a group have a lot of differences because, well, they are individuals with unique stories and experiences. Let’s move on already.

5. Rethinking content: Do more with less

Rethinking content

For all of the time required to create a smart piece of content, its relevancy and likelihood of being consumed is often short-lived. Timing matters. Even more so — understanding the various distribution channels and their ability to reach the right audience are the difference between a win and a dud. More must be done with less — and by less, we mean less time and investment before content goes live. For concepts or ideas that deserve greater reach, it is essential to design a campaign that leverages many vehicles and is supported with paid [and earned] media. Stop thinking too small or too big. Meeting your objective requires right-sizing both the content and the plan to share it.

6. Rethinking Justin Bieber: Are we all Beliebers again?

Rethinking justin beiber

Justin Bieber is topping the Billboard charts, so you aren’t alone if you’re singing “What do you mean?” and “Sorry” during your holiday R&R. While 2014 brought the singer lots of bad press, 2015 ends with his publicist needing a raise. His publicity tour for Purpose made us relate to him and has us asking, “Are we Beliebers?” Case in point: if you missed him doing Carpool Karaoke on James Corden’s Late Late Show, it is still worth seeing him look comfortable in his skin and be entertaining as ever. Admit it, even if you’ve already seen it, you want to watch it again. Watch: Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke.

7. Rethinking social media: STOP the public shaming madness!

Rethinking social media

Social media has forever changed the way we communicate. It is central to our personal life and our clients’ businesses. But social is increasingly experiencing the digital version of junk mail: lies, gossip and unsubstantiated “reports.” And it seems to have become the norm that whenever something happens, people with a device take license to critique or spew hate back on the perpetrator, creating “trending topics” of unhealthy commentary or worse. Let’s go back to the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

8. Rethinking the sharing economy: Disruption to the traditional employer relationship

Rethinking sharing economy

The rise of the sharing economy has given unprecedented opportunity to entrepreneurs and consumers alike; it has also upended the traditional employer-employee relationship upon which decades of public policy have been based. We are eager to see how policymakers adapt in this new dynamic, appropriately protecting workers and their families, while encouraging opportunity and creativity in this space. Tunheim has always embraced this shared approach by augmenting our team with highly specialized talent while not losing the advantages of a cutting-edge, nimble and smart firm. Keep reading.

9. Rethinking our business: What it means to be in the communications business

Rethinking PR

People think of Tunheim as a public relations firm. But our business has evolved from traditional “PR” to being entrenched into the business operations of our clients. Today’s C-suite needs the right critical insights to make good decisions that affect a company’s reputation. That means communicators must intimately understand the art of communication and its importance in strategically helping assess, manage and navigate complex business problems to capitalize on new and dynamic opportunities. We still execute our client’s “public relations,” but more so our business is helping our clients be understood by their most important stakeholders in a way that matters to them. Keep reading.

10. Rethinking aging: Tunheim celebrated its 25th anniversary

Ttunheim Santrizos

This year marked Tunheim’s silver anniversary. As we look back over the last quarter century, we are all thinking about how fast time flies when you’re having fun! Seriously talented people have worked here and we’re always thrilled to see the work they go on to do if they leave. But even more profoundly, we’re seeing the important work we have yet to do! Communications has never been more critical to organizations and having a dynamic team like ours working to solve problems has never been a better idea. Our reputation speaks for itself and we’re excited to see what 2016 brings.

At Tunheim, we’re in the business of Rethinking.

rethinkinglogoThe world is changing faster than fast. What happened yesterday could easily impact your business or organization today or tomorrow. So the way you think about business — and your organization’s reputation — must adapt and evolve, too.  Probably faster than you think.

For 25 years, Tunheim has successfully helped clients navigate complex change. We help our clients rethink communications to ensure organizations deliver for stakeholders, every time.

Rethinking is our methodology. It means looking inside everything, so we can think outside everything. It means asking why this and what if? It means challenging the conventional wisdom to help organizations fulfill their destinies.

Your business is constantly evolving. Find out how our Rethinking can help. Contact us today.

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