What is Rethinking?

Tunheim is in the Business of Rethinking. It’s what we do every day.

Rethinking is our methodology. It means looking inside everything, so we can think outside everything. It means asking why this and what if? It means challenging the conventional wisdom to help organizations fulfill their destinies. It means looking past or through the blind spots that exist in every organization.


We start with a deep-dive: Our consultants learn about your challenges. Digging and searching for fresh insights, we then layer in research and market analysis to develop a well-informed perspective. We pride ourselves on asking the right questions and providing an informed context to our clients. This context allows us to develop robust strategy and to set up key decisions.

And, sometimes, this means we tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear in order to be successful.

Tunheim brings you honest, informed counsel.



Based on a well-informed perspective, we partner with our clients to develop innovative and results-focused strategies designed to successfully deliver against organizational goals and metrics.

Whether you need to influence public policy, better engage with key stakeholders, navigate a crisis or tackle important organizational challenges, we set you up for success.

Tunheim delivers strategies that propel your organizational goals.


Lastly, we deliver against expectations. Every time.

We start with insight, develop strategy and then execute tactics that meet your goals. We are expert consultants who deftly work across multiple disciplines and business sectors. We execute strategies that prepare you to win in the marketplace.

Tunheim gets the results you need to be successful.

We bring insight. We develop strategy. We commit to flawless delivery.

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