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Why These 5 Brands are Duct-Taping Food and Soda Cans to a Wall

Today, it is critical that brands are agile to tap into buzzworthy conversations and pop culture moments – and this week’s highlight featured duct tape and a banana. At Art Basel Miami Beach, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan duct-taped a banana to a wall as part of an exhibit, calling the display the “Comedian.” Sounds like a joke, right? It wasn’t – the piece sold for a whopping $120,000. Now, brands such as Pepsi, Popeyes, Dr. Pepper and MoonPie are parodying the piece with their own take on the piece – a successful and relevant play on social media.


How the ‘Peloton Woman’ in Aviation Gin’s Ad Will be a Case Study on Marketing Genius for Years to Come

A recent Peloton ad showcases a young, trim woman receiving a Peloton stationary bike from her husband as a holiday gift and she proceeds to vlog her journey utilizing the bike over the course of a year. The ad fell under scrutiny because it seemed to depict a woman feeling pressured to exercise by her husband. Capitalizing on the media moment, Ryan Reynolds casted the same woman from the Peloton ad (dubbed the “Peloton Woman”) to star in a follow-up ad spot for his liquor brand, Aviation Gin, in a brilliant sequel that tells the story of where the Peloton Woman is today. Spoiler Alert: she’s wallowing in the failed Peloton ad by draining Aviation Gin with her girlfriends.


Pandora is Asking Users to Say ‘Yes’ to Interactive Audio Ads

A new era of advertising is upon us! Pandora announced that it is testing interactive audio ads that require users to verbally engage with an ad before the rest of it is played. To eliminate users passively listening to advertising and to test the new format, Pandora has partnered with Doritos, Wendy’s, Comcast, Nestle and more to build ads that grab users attention and nudge them to engage with the content. For example, a DiGiorno’s ad offers the listener a joke and the user is prompted to verbally respond “yes” to hear the punchline. This layer of engagement in advertising is a step forward for advertisers to potentially glean more insights on what users are interested in.


What’s Next for Podcast Advertising

After hitting its tipping point a year and a half ago, podcasting has been an aggressively growing medium amongst consumers, and advertisers have fully leaned into the trend. According to Statista, the number of U.S. podcast listeners is expected to jump 55% from 86 million in 2019 to nearly 132 million in 2022. Similarly, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PwC previously estimated podcast advertising revenues to reach $659 million in 2020. Yet, the firms now project revenues to surpass $1 billion by 2021. Podcast advertising is an undying trend and marketing and advertisers are utilizing new Smart Audience tools to continue to leverage podcast ads to reach their target audiences in 2020 and beyond.


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