In our sixth installation of Social Media Best Practices, we discuss how Call-to-Actions can drive engagement and clicks to your landing page. If you missed Best Practice #5: “Utilize a variety of media types to reach a variety of audiences,” click here.

Any form of engagement is welcome and valuable, but ultimately your posts should be crafted to drive toward specific engagement goals. Often that goal is driving traffic to a landing page. To make those clicks happen, you need a strong call-to-action.

A good default format for writing post copy is:

  • Problem, question or fact
  • Why that matters to your organization and/or audience
  • Call to action

It may be helpful to identify one or two call-to-action phrases that work well for your organization and know they will be added to almost every post. Repetition and clarity are helpful, not hurtful, here.

One big note of caution: Facebook will occasionally reject ads if they solicit users to “like” or “share” a post, as they view this behavior as manipulative of their algorithm. It’s best to stick to words and phrases that do not directly mirror Facebook functionality such as “learn more”, “read more,” and “try it out.” It’s a good idea to repeat this call to action using the fields Facebook provides when creating ads by adding the formal “Learn More” or “Buy Now” button that appears next to the headline of any link.

Check back next week for our seventh installment: “Practice good link hygiene” As always, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for the latest Tunheim news, client work, tips and tricks, and more.

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