In this week’s installation of Social Media Best Practices, we are focusing on the importance of incorporating a variety of media types in order to reach different audiences. Sharing your message through a variety of visual means can algorithmically help you target different users. If you missed Best Practice #4: “Creating Compelling Creative Content,” click here.

Utilize a variety of media types to reach a variety of audiences

When capturing an organization event or initiative for social, think about how the same core message can be packaged as a video, graphic, blog AND/OR letter to the editor. Too often, digital teams will focus on one asset without considering the opportunity to spread a message through a variety of means. The same audience is algorithmically unlikely to see multiple posts from your organization unless they fall within the same precise (and small) target audience. It’s okay to reuse creative and repeat messages – we know people need to see the same message multiple times to really consider and digest it.

Once you find creative assets that work consistently well, you can consider them your “evergreen” content that gets reused for any ongoing campaigns that require extra material. So many people use these social platforms that there are always fresh audiences for your proven content. Just keep an eye on Facebook’s designation of “Quality” in the Ads Manager data and pause any ads that fall “Below Average.” It can also be a problem if ad frequency statistics tip much further past seven times per week.

Check back next week for our sixth installment: “Always use a call to action – but play by the platform rules.” As always, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for the latest Tunheim news, client work, tips and tricks, and more.

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