With a major shift in how companies and brands are telling their stories in marketing, many are struggling with how to produce content that is relevant, appropriate and frankly, logistically safe and quick to produce.

While some brands have paused creative and used old campaign work while they “wait it out,” we’ve seen some brands quickly create impactful campaigns that have generated wide-spread attention, such as Google, Nike, Facebook, Frito-Lay and Dove to name a few.

And while not everyone has the creative resources [and budget] like these brands, all marketers are having to get scrappy and think differently. Today, digital creators are everywhere, and brands should most certainly be using them; not only because they produce great content, but because they are fast, affordable and can tell a story that will resonate with audiences.

While the trend of “influencer marketing” is still prevalent – the importance of content creators [those who may not have a gazillion followers on Instagram but produce beautiful photos and content] is even more important. Just like social media influencers, content creators know their audiences and key messages, and have the ability to bring new life to brands and campaigns.

At Tunheim, we know that influencers and content creators can be amazing storytellers for our clients; and in a time where people are consuming content more than ever before, we recommend using this marketing tactic to quickly pivot your strategy while you adjust your overall planning.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what the media is saying:

  • 3 ways brands can work with influencers to recession proof their image, AdWeek

    “Influencer marketing, a practice that didn’t even exist during the Great Recession, presents a solid case for mainstream adoption. The appetite for influencers is growingInfluencers can efficiently deploy recession-friendly messaging for any audience with authenticity, and consumers spend more time on social media. With this in mind, focusing on influencers during a recession might be the most practical move to best serve your brand.”

    “In times of uncertainty, consumers want to find that voice that they can trust for real-life purchase decisions. Study after study has shown that consumers trust their favorite influencers as much—and sometimes more than—their friends and family. In a world that’s more socially distanced, influencers are a word-of-mouth megaphone. Leveraging an influencer can not only grow awareness but could also change consumers’ product perception, driving consideration even among evolving social norms precipitated by a recession.”

  • Four Ways to Engage Influencers in the new digital landscape, Forbes

    “If you ask me, influencers aren’t going anywhere. In fact, in many ways, they are leading the way and thriving in this new digitally driven reality. Working with them can be a cost-effective and savvy strategy for brands to reach consumers. I’ve found this to be true in my work, developing digital and influencer strategies for national lifestyle brands.”

    It’s important to seek out a content creator who aligns with your brand aesthetic and is willing to be a true partner in artistic vision. Once you secure one of these influencers, you’ll quickly find that you’ve not only solved the issue of in-studio access, but that when you engage them over a long-term contract with monthly deliverables, they are incredibly affordable when stacked up against an expensive product shoot. Content creators are also valuable to brands that are starting from scratch or have small content libraries. These creators can build up any library in a matter of months, allowing you to have an arsenal of engaging imagery to utilize for organic and paid posts.”

  • “If content was king yesterday, its emperor today”; Influencer marketing enters golden age, PR Week

    “The all-round skills of many influencers, who have been producing high-quality video from home for years, arguably make them ideal partners for brands during the crisis.”

    Influencer marketing has taken a series of leaps in its evolution over the past five weeks. The coronavirus has expedited the channel towards purpose-driven marketing and it has propelled digital creators and talent into the mainstream consciousness as much as it has into the creative void left by exposed production crews.”

If you or your brand would like assistance building out an influencer or content creator program, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help tell your story.

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