There are more and more people following brands to stay on the cutting edge for their business or simply because they love their inspirational or valuable content. Social media is a great way to have your brand stand out amongst other businesses and reach new clients, customers and community members. Building your social media pages can be a process, but consistent engagement with your key audiences is worth investing your time in. Tunheim has some tips on how to manage and optimize the way you are building your content to perfect your brand’s social media presence.

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Know your audience

It is important to know who your audience is and what kind of content they want to see. What will resonate with them? When building out your content make sure to keep your target audience in mind.

Post content on the right platform

Content that performs well on Instagram might not work well on LinkedIn. Make sure you understand the differences between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Tik Tok and adjust your content to fit each platform.

Find your creative aesthetic

Do you prefer bright blue tone images? Or tons of graphics? Once you find the aesthetic of your page, try to keep it consistent across your social media pages. The imagery should be uniform, so your audience finds it recognizable. Lightroom and VSCO are great apps to edit your pictures in a consistent way. We utilize many apps to nail our feeds, particularly for Instagram. Lastly, UNUM is a great tool to see how your scheduled content will look on your overall feed.

Post regularly and be active!

Be consistent with your posting cadence and try to be active and engaging on all your social media pages. Of course, we don’t want to oversaturate our pages, so try not to go dark for a period of time. Try a weekly feature or a monthly blog! Posting consistently is a great way to grow your audience and build your brand page.

Talk like a human

Once you find your brand voice stick with it. Social media is a community space and it is important to be approachable and communicate authentically with one’s audience.

Be authentic

Don’t be afraid to ask your team members for photo submissions. Overall, show your authentic self. Show your people, show what you care about and have some fun!

Provide valuable and shareable content

Utilize your in-house experts and push out content that is helpful to your audience! Insights, tips and tricks about your industry are well-received on social media and can lead to your followers resharing your content with their own community.

Enjoy the process of building out your brand pages and showing your audience who you are! These same tips can be applied to your personal accounts as well as business pages. Companies are investing more time and resources into building out their social media strategy and we hope some of these tips can be beneficial to your efforts.

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