LinkedIn isn’t just for networking and job searching – it also creates an opportunity to position yourself to your professional network and the public. For thought leaders appearing at events or featured in the media, or anyone looking to impress a client or new colleague, a well-curated LinkedIn profile allows you to put your best foot forward. See below for our top tips to step-up your LinkedIn game:

LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Swap the default background image for any imagery that is unique to you or related to how users might find you. Great options include a photo of you speaking at an event or otherwise in action on the job, the logo and basic info of an upcoming event you are sponsoring or featured in, or an award or recognition you received.
  • Sync e-mail contacts to your LinkedIn profile. This will make it more likely that LinkedIn will recommend you to other LinkedIn users within your industry and help to expand your reach.
  • More is more with your LinkedIn profile. Make sure every section of your profile is filled out and max out the character and quantity limitations! This includes contact info (including professional uses of social channels), Accomplishments, Skills, and most importantly About and Experience. These sections allow for up to 2,000 characters, so make the most of this space to illustrate your credentials and use keywords so you can be found in a search.
  • Third-party endorsements are a powerful testimony to a person’s expertise. Ask colleagues, former colleagues and industry peers to write you a recommendation and offer to do the same for them.
  • Stay active on LinkedIn by sharing via the status update feature. Share your thoughts on industry trends and content—this demonstrates your expertise and ability to keep current on the latest industry topics. Following hashtags related to your area of expertise can help surface relevant third-party content you can then share on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Engage with other industry leaders’ content. Engaging with their content makes it both easier to create a stronger professional relationship with them and it makes it more likely that your content will show up in their LinkedIn feed.
Helpful How-To Videos from Tunheim Senior Digital Strategist, David Erickson:
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