Digital content is no longer optional for most businesses. This has been true for years. It’s cost-effective, reaches a wide audience, and it can be created quickly.

But you already knew that, and so did the other 2.5 billion people who are active on social media.

The ease and effectiveness of creating social and digital content have led to an overwhelming surplus of content on the internet. Digital content is being shared at an even higher volume than it was a year ago. Standing out among a seemingly infinite amount of content presents a significant challenge to today’s digital marketers.

Although going viral isn’t always in the cards, aimlessly sharing content into the abyss doesn’t have to be the fate of your digital strategy. By approaching social and digital marketing systematically, you can reach your audience with a clear message. Although your digital strategy should be as unique as your business is, there are a few rules that we would all be better off following:

Develop a digital strategy and stick to it.

This can take a lot of different forms. One of our favorite examples is the Ladder of Engagement.

Be consistent.

Post frequency, voice, and content should be consistent across platforms. No one wants to follow an account that goes dark for weeks and then spams their timeline. Your followers also won’t appreciate it if your page was a good source of thought leadership pieces and suddenly becomes promotional.

Be social.

Your social pages shouldn’t be a drop box for you to dump your content. It is a place to interact with your followers and network with influencers. Joining conversations with industry hashtags and reaching out to individuals can help you earn brand recognition.

Share multi-media content.

The internet is a flashy place and nothing fades into the background faster than a standalone Facebook status or wordy email. Including videos, photos, and graphics into your digital work is vital to engaging your audience.

Pay attention to trends.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. It’s important that you keep up with trends so we tracked some of them for you.

Know your audience.

Pay attention to what your networks are sharing so you can provide them with content that matches their interests. Track your post analytics and link clicks from your emails to see what engages your audiences and share more of that. Direct your boosted posts at those who would really care to hear from you.

Be human.

The worst thing you can do for your brand is sound like a robot. Let your followers get to know your brand by more than your business function. Sharing who you are is as important as sharing what you do.

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