Written by Liz Sheets, senior consultant, @LizTunheim

Communications and marketing professionals have been ringing the alarms over the decrease to Facebook page post’s organic reach, i.e., the ability to reach fans, or “page likes” on their News Feed.

This trend has been happening for awhile — if you are just learning of this now, are trying to decide whether to delete or stop posting to your Facebook page, or trying to come up with a new plan — you’ve come to the right place.

At Tunheim, we firmly believe this change is a GOOD thing for your Facebook marketing. Here are three reasons why:

1.     Better focus on your core audiences

Previously you probably weren’t focused on who liked your page, but rather on how large your audience was.

If you have dabbled with Facebook ads and sponsored stories, you know that Facebook knows a lot about its users.

Instead of hoping you reach the right people or aiming to capture any new fans, this change allows you to better focus on building the right audience for your page.

With over 1.32 billion users globally, 1.07 billion of which are monthly active users from a mobile device, Facebook has the reach and the tools to target users down to their location, age, sex, income, interests and more.  With that reach, you can bet your audience is somewhere on Facebook.

You should get clear on who comprises your target audience(s) and use Facebook’s advertising tools to reach them.

2.     Control over message delivery

You have likely spent time and resources developing content to post to your page. The thing is, unless you used Facebook’s advertising tools, you had no control over Facebook’s algorithm and whose News Feed received your posts.

Instead of spending time creating content that you hope reaches the right audience, this change allows you to control which posts are delivered to whom.

You should write content for each of your core audiences and use Facebook’s advertising tools to engage them.

3.     Develop a tighter, more focused strategy

Facebook Post Reach

When something is free, it is easy to be lackadaisical toward it. While the channel has been free, successful Facebook marketing has never been free.

Social media marketing is fluid and it takes constant focus, compelling content, attentive analysis and ongoing adjustment to do it well.

Knowing what you are hoping to get out of your Facebook efforts (i.e., attaching them to business objectives) can give you important focus.

You need to know who you are looking to reach, what will compel those people to deliver on your business objectives and constantly analyze how your content is performing so you can continue to make it successful.

You should start with an understanding of what you are hoping to accomplish and develop a Facebook strategy. Facebook’s advertising tools can then help you bring the strategy to life. 

Then use Facebook analytics to analyze and adjust your strategy regularly.

Are you worried about this change? Let Tunheim’s experts help you with your Facebook marketing. We’d love to hear from you.

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