We asked our team of experts here at Tunheim for their top tips for utilizing communications as organizations navigate change. Here’s what they said:

4. Commit To Transparency

Having gone through several major ownership & cultural changes in both government and business, I would share that it is critical to address concerns and share honestly what you can share, commit to transparency, and acknowledge when needed why somethings cannot be shared.

If there are new leaders, get those new leaders in front of employees so that they have a chance to see them and get comfortable with them. When appropriate, emphasize experience and why taking the reins is alright.

In consumer oriented businesses, it is also critical to emphasize that the customer will not be lost in the process. I know it is always fashionable to act as if many customer service employees do not care, but most of them really do take their jobs to heart and they worry almost as much about the customer as they do themselves and their teams.

Emmett ColemanStrategic Partner

3. Consistent, Reinforcing Messages

Many people are naturally resistant to change, especially in their work environment. In order to focus all employees toward a new goal or direction, it is important that they understand why and what their role will be. Saying it one time will not work, people need to hear consistent messages from every direction including the top. Reinforce messages with an integrated communications approach using multiple vehicles such as all staff meetings, meetings with supervisors, internal newsletters, social media, website and intranet posts, annual reports, earned media and paid media and community outreach efforts.

Emily McGrathDirector of Integrated Communications

2. Actively Listen

Active listening: what are people understanding about the need for change, the reasons for change? Do they have a good sense of what it means for them? Having good, timely insights on how your teams are experiencing change should inform and guide ongoing communications. Expect to keep adapting as the journey continues.

Kathy TunheimCEO and Principal

1. Communicate Frequently

Communicate often - even if you don't have an update, be transparent and share that. Also make sure you are meeting employees where they are - not all employees are at a computer so consider the tools needed to reach all affected employees

Paula WrightVice President, Client Services

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