Health care campaign focused on preserving MinnesotaCare through integrated digital advocacy

Tunheim and our client, the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA), were awarded Modern Healthcare Magazine’s Digital Campaign of the Year on Nov. 2 for work performed in 2019. Tunheim and MHA earned the recognition for an advocacy campaign to extend Minnesota’s provider tax, which helps fund MinnesotaCare, a state health care program that provides affordable health care for low-income Minnesotans.

The Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards recognize healthcare’s best advertising, marketing, promotion and communication campaigns on and across all media platforms. Tunheim implemented the multifaceted public affairs campaign that included digital advertising, paid and organic social media posts, grassroots and grass-tops advocacy and partnerships. The campaign successfully engaged with more than 68,000 Minnesotans and resulted in the 2019 Minnesota legislature passing the continuation of the provider tax with no expiration date.

“Tunheim is proud of our work with MHA as they continue Minnesota’s long tradition of advocating for health care coverage to all the state’s residents,” said Sarah Hinde, Senior Consultant for Tunheim. “The campaign reached its desired objectives in a short amount of time by mixing traditional public relations tools such as grassroots and stakeholder engagement with innovative digital tactics, including social media microtargeting and the use of integrated advocacy programming.”

By combining tried-and-true engagement strategies with cutting-edge technology and precision targeting, the campaign was able to outperform expectations while maintaining maximum efficiency.

“MHA’s top legislative priority in 2019 was to secure the continuation of the provider tax,” said Wendy Burt, Vice President of Communications for MHA. “It has been a longstanding priority of hospitals and health systems to ensure health care coverage for low-income Minnesotans. This digital campaign supported our advocacy efforts at the State Capitol and enabled Minnesotans to easily contact key legislators to ask for their support of the provider tax.”

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Members of winning team from Tunheim and the Minnesota Hospital Association

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