Is your team short staffed? Handling new projects with no bandwidth? Working on a rollout or expansion beyond the capacity of your team? In need of someone to keep the train running during a parental or medical leave, or during a crisis?

At Tunheim, we pride ourselves on providing talent and expertise to fill staffing, capacity or employee leave gaps for our clients. Over the years we have helped corporate and non-profit communications teams extend their capacity and bandwidth by providing communications experts that can function much like a member of your internal team. We take on priority projects that an internal team may not have the capacity or skillset for. In the past, that has included an on-site and/or longer-term assignment; in today’s virtual world, we’re able to help our clients maximize their opportunities and effectiveness from afar.

Tunheim staffing assignments have included a range of opportunities – from running a corporate United Way program, to providing additional resources for issues management, to leading a team during a leadership change, to communicating a corporate expansion into a new country and IT rollouts. We have the benefit of having worked in many corporate environments and developed best practices that can quickly assist your team. Whether you need a writer who knows AP style or an expert in executive leadership communications, our agency has the talent that can support these needs. Our team can quickly jump in and begin providing results from day one. By helping develop and establish new communication tools that the team can then make their own, Tunheim is able to support clients through any internal communications needs they may have.

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