Virtual meetings are here to stay. At Tunheim, we prepare executives and spokespeople for media interviews that will make a positive impression. The same guiding principles that make for successful media interviews can also be applied to preparation for virtual presentations or even job interviews. If you’ve got a big moment you’re preparing for (…or if you haven’t updated your virtual meeting approach for a few months), these tips are for you!

1. Get Clear on Messaging

Write down three to five of the most important things you want to communicate in your interview or presentation. Practice saying these messages and use them as your go-to when you need to get back on track. Your personal voicemailbox can be an excellent platform to practice delivering your key messages and then listening to how they sound.

2. Up your Virtual Background Game

Schedule time on your calendar this week to get your virtual background right. The aesthetic behind you is communicating something about who you are, so make sure it’s on point for complementing the words that are coming out of your mouth. Keep it simple, bright and organized. For your most important moments, avoid using a stock background – they can be distracting when you’re working to make a genuine connection.

3. Mix it Up

If you frequently give important presentations to the same groups of people, occasionally change your background location. This small adjustment can go a long way in bringing new energy to your conversation.

4. Eye Contact is Key

Look in your computer camera…always. Looking at the bottom of your monitor or at a second screen creates a barrier for connecting with the person you are talking with. Adjust your setup so that your eyes are always on your camera.

5. Look the Part

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in your bedroom and wearing shorts on the bottom – make sure everything on screen is communicating to your audience that this conversation is important to you. Keep your top and personal grooming at top-tier, office-grade professional level.

6. Light it Up

Contrary to real life where low lighting covers many flaws, you’ll look your best in virtual meetings when your lighting is high. If your lighting is almost too bright to look in the camera, you’ve likely reached optimal levels. Shine on.

7. Know your Tech

If your important presentation is on a platform that you’re not familiar with, plan time for practice sessions when you can adjust your personal camera settings, figure out how to share your screen, chat and mute.

8. Keep it Real

We’re doing business in a virtual world, so don’t pretend this is business as usual. If your important presentation would normally take place in a ballroom on a stage, make adjustments to adapt that approach to align with current reality. At Tunheim, we’re helping our clients find creative ways to replace press conferences, trade shows and customer meetings with meaningful virtual solutions.

9. Roll with It

If something goes wrong, embrace it and move along gracefully. Many of us are working from home with unpredictable dogs, children, spouses and delivery people – something unplanned is likely to happen. When you’re in this situation, address it, acknowledge it, gather yourself and move on – and remember – your key messages can be a great place to start when new focus is needed.

10. Ask for Help

Whether you have ten minutes or a few hours, take time to adapt your most important interviews and presentations for a virtual stage. Tunheim is here to help with trainings for teams or individuals who need a fresh approach to virtual business!

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