Political Spending on Digital AdvertisingDigital ads are the new norm for public affairs campaigns. In 2016, more than $1.4 billion was spent on digital ads in federal, state and local elections. That’s a 789% increase from only four years ago. In fact, more money was spent on digital ads than telemarketing, cable TV ads and direct mail.

Facebook remains the most popular way to communicate. Facebook users visit the site on average 8 times per day and the Facebook environment makes it easy to find and communicate with the audiences of your choice. But there are many other places to communicate and engage targeted audiences with digital ads and rich content as well.

Digital ads allow organizations to target communications directly to the audiences they choose with complete control over the message. They also provide real-time measurement feedback and allow for message testing and instant changes to maximize the effectiveness of an organization’s overall message composition.

Lastly, and most importantly, they drive action. With a simple click, your targeted audiences can sign a petition, email an elected official and become an instant champion for the cause. (Download PDF of Infographic)

Successful digital campaigns require a thoughtful strategy with the right messages, audiences and creative to engage and activate people. Contact Darin Broton (dbroton@tunheim.com) at Tunheim today and find out how we can help you rethink your public affairs efforts.

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