Having a strong email marketing strategy helps you to reach your audiences in a personalized way. With inboxes constantly being filled, how can you ensure your emails are being opened and read? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you carry out your email marketing strategy.

Use your content to educate

A common practice for marketers is to use their content to educate their audience. Most individuals seek to buy products or receive services from a company that they can trust. Nurture your leads and gain their trust by showcasing your knowledge and experience in ways that will relieve their problems. Informational blogs, videos, and webinars are a few good ways to incorporate this practice into your emails.

Segment your lists

Segmenting your lists allows you to target your customers more efficiently. To begin, conduct an audience analysis to determine whether segmenting your audience is right for your business. Segmentation should be highly considered if your audience cannot be reached effectively using the same message or if your company offers a variety of different services or products. Keep in mind, extra resources and staff may be needed to allow for the creation of multiple approaches for each segment. If you choose to segment your audience, the next step will be determining how. When determining segmentation criteria, first look at the primary target audience and identify any traits that make a subgroup significantly different and would require a different approach or message to reach. Common differences include socio-demographics (sex, age, education, etc.), geography, buying behavior, and psychographics (values, interests, personalities, etc.). Once you have completed your audience segmentation, create a targeted email campaign for each group to address their needs specifically and more personally.

Find the right cadence

When sending emails, the frequency and timing of when you send them are very important. Too many emails can result in unsubscribes while too little can result in your subscribers overlooking them. Figuring out how often, which day, and what time to send emails varies and will require testing by your team to determine. Using an email platform and setting up a marketing calendar will help accelerate your email campaign and allow for better organization, tracking and a more streamlined distribution. A/B testing is a great way to track the timing and frequency and compare results for the most opens, click throughs, and the fewest unsubscribes.

Reach out to old leads

Using targeted email campaigns is a great way to stay in touch with old leads. Changes happen over time, and what may not have been a need then, may be one now. Reminding old leads of your product or service offerings will help you stay top of mind.

How is your business using email marketing to its advantage?

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