In 2020, we saw influencer marketing boom across the digital landscape. And to no surprise by our social media-obsessed culture – it works! So much so that according to BrightLocal Consumer Review, as high as 91% of millennials claim to trust online reviews as much as their friends and family. Executing a successful influencer marketing campaign with a trusted partner can lead to a healthy ROI in sales and brand awareness. Last month, we covered three influencer marketing strategies, and now, as we are a few months into 2021, Tunheim is focusing in on which tactics to adopt in order for our clients to be as well understood as possible across any platform.

Here are five influencer marketing tactics to help your brand or organization establish trust and create brand awareness:

1. Storytelling and Education

Understanding why and how an influencer uses a product or service is far more convincing than just seeing them with it. When an audience learns from a trusted influencer the reasons behind why he or she continuously invests in a product or service, they are much more likely to invest in the product on their own.

2. Finding Existing Advocates

Find someone who already loves your brand. Starting a partnership with them will be natural and authentic. Influencers are much more apt to partner with a brand that they’ve already incorporated into their daily lives – and better yet, they’ve already been communicating to their audience their affinity for the product or service. Putting funds toward like-minded influencers who are a natural fit to communicate your messaging is a surefire way to enhance your brand voice.

3. Long-term Relationships

Long-term and exclusive relationships feel more like a genuine endorsement than a single post. Consistency shows followers that the influencer is serious about this product. A one-off post will not translate as strongly as several weekly or monthly content shares – frequent reinforcement is key. More consistent dialogue between an influencer and their audience on a specific topic can lead to stronger brand awareness and sales.

4. Micro-influencers

In some instances, micro-influencers can establish a deeper sense of trust among their audience than someone of a larger caliber. People trust micro-influencers more than celebrities because they seem like regular people – their followers likely feel that they already have something in common. Partnering with an influencer who has a lower follower count—but healthy engagement rate—can work in your favor thanks to that relatability and approachable aspect.

5. Integrating into Brand Strategy

Influencer marketing should be a part of a larger integrated brand strategy, and should be consistent with your other brand messaging. Relying solely on influencer marketing will only get your organization so far, whereas it is in your best interest to accompany other strategies like organic and paid social, email marketing, media relations strategies and more, to communicate your key messages.

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