Digital marketing is nothing new in 2021 and producing at least some kind of digital content is standard for most organizations. In 2021, many organizations are needing to shift focus toward integrating their digital strategy across channels and with other communications efforts. Organizations that find success in the digital space this year will use their digital platforms the way an influencer, or individual user, would – consistent messaging, perspective and strategy across their digital sphere of influence.

Why take an integrated approach?

Brand awareness and loyalty – When organizations integrate paid, owned, and earned media approaches they have much more control over audiences’ paths toward deeper engagement. Using consistent messaging across multiple platforms will help your brand reach more audiences and help them understand and trust your organization.

ROI and conversions – When all your communications efforts are consistent, it’s more digestible for users and they are more likely to take the next steps you want them to (conversions, sales, etc.) This approach also reduces the amount of resources needed to amplify any given message, as different messaging channels cooperate to reach wide audiences.

What works in digital in 2021?

Direct relations and ad personalization – Direct relations have become increasingly prioritized due to the pandemic and will continue to be prioritized in 2021. Users want to connect on an individual level and to feel seen as an individual. More and more people are unsubscribing from mass email lists and engaging with personalized content.

Human content – Human interaction is important. Tell them who you are, but make it about them. When possible, give some visibility to the humans behind the content.

Keep it simple – People get lost in the details, so keep messaging as simple and contained as possible. What can you say in 15 seconds or less?

Digital is for more than advertising – Digital channels are most effective when they are used for more than just advertising. Leveraging the space to create sharable content, share user generated content, elevate brand values and culture, and create a sense of community among users can create another level of engagement with your organization.

Digital platforms are popular because of their affordability, agility and accessibility, but only truly effective when used correctly. Working towards elevating your brand through digital marketing but not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

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