In a time of great uncertainty and fear, there is great power in showing support and giving back to others who need it the most; and after hearing that many notable, longstanding Minnesota businesses have already closed their doors for good, it’s more important than ever to shop local. Whether you’re purchasing a delivery meal from the pizza place around the corner, subscribing to your local paper (hard copy!), donating to a worthy cause that hits close to home or swinging by your favorite shop to pick up a gift through curbside pick-up, going out of your way during this stay-at-home era to show your local businesses that you’re behind them is something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Recently, #TeamTunheim was surveyed on the local organizations and businesses that they have been supporting during these past couple months. And while we know that the experience of bellying up to our favorite local bar or walking through the doors of a kitschy Twin Cities gift shop is temporarily on hold, there are still several ways to enjoy all that our city has to offer.

Our agency has a long history of servicing clients in the entertainment and hospitality space, so this topic hits close to home for us. To help motivate you to engage with local businesses, we are sharing some of the many ways that we are buying local—starting with local retail stores. Have a favorite local business or organization that you’d like to share? We’re all ears! Reach out on any of our social media platforms, we’d love to hear from you.

Bud vase from Shop Iris

We hope this list spark your interest and motivate you to show support for businesses in Greater Minneapolis and beyond! Stay tuned next week for our list of local artists and art shops.

Greeting cards from Golden Rule.