Tunheim’s Client Accra Provides Life-Changing Homecare Services for Individuals Like Kyler

Kyler is a non-verbal child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. His grandmother, Karen, has cared for Kyler since he was little, yet it became an increasingly difficult job as it became clear he needed additional help. To ensure Kyler’s safety, make purchases for additional homecare supports and enable Karen to be trained and paid to provide homecare for her grandson, Kyler receives Financial Management Services (FMS) through our client Accra.

Accra has been providing homecare services in Minnesota for over 30 years. As a nonprofit organization, its mission is to improve lives by providing individualized homecare services and support to people living at home. Accra’s services support people of all ages with disabilities and older adults in their homes, and the organization’s person-centered approach treats each person as a unique individual, helping them lead fuller lives in their community.

Accra’s FMS program has made a considerable impact on the quality of life for Kyler and his family. The program helps them manage Medicaid funding, stay on top of the necessary paperwork, navigate the administration of homecare services and purchase select items that benefit Kyler’s well-being. Given Kyler’s diagnoses, Accra was able to help him get a talking device and a “crash pad” where he can retreat when he feels overstimulated.

Most importantly, Accra helped Kyler’s family acquire funding for additional safety measures. As an eloper, he tends to evade watchful eyes, so Accra helped the family build a fence in the backyard. Now, Kyler can play to his heart’s desire without Karen worrying that he might wander into the busy road nearby. Accra also assisted in securing a Ring Home Security System in case Kyler attempted to leave the house unattended.

Accra was founded in 1992 to support kids like Kyler who have been diagnosed with autism. Over time, the agency expanded its offerings to serve people of all ages with various disabilities, as well as older adults. Today Accra is the largest homecare provider in Minnesota, serving people in every county in the state, and it even offers mental health services in the home.

Tunheim and Accra have been working together over the past five years to develop strategies to increase the visibility of Accra’s services within the autism community, so more Minnesotans can access services that will promote a more independent, happy and fulfilling life at home.

And for Kyler, life keeps getting better. Since their family started receiving Accra’s FMS services, Kyler has begun to communicate more and is picking up life skills as he enters elementary school. Accra services have been a huge relief to the family.

“I can’t even begin to explain the difference [Accra] has made in our lives,” Karen said. “Things could have looked a lot different for our family. Accra really stepped in and helped us.”

To lean more about Accra’s homecare services, visit their website at https://accrahomecare.org/

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