Emmett Coleman

Informed by decades of operating in highly regulated and competitive business environments, Emmett Coleman relies on a proactive approach to advocacy informed by the great Wayne Gretzky’s key to success – instead of reacting to the action, determine where the puck is going to be and get there ahead of it. Emmett appreciates that organizations often need to transform their approach to public affairs to successfully shape public policies, find common ground on contested issues and generate opportunities for growth.

Emmett is best when dealing with complex topics, guiding clients with emerging technologies and rapidly developing business interests through traditional public processes that often slow innovation and investment. He offers a unique perspective formed through his experience running government and public affairs within several Fortune 50 technology companies, serving as legislative staff in the U.S. House of Representatives. Emmett understands that alliances are built on trust over time through engagement – and that in building trusting relationships, you create champions that enhance your brand and reputation.

Emmett’s experience includes securing regulatory approval for large acquisitions, complex negotiations, grassroots and legislative advocacy and directing coordination of government affairs, public relations and community investment.

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