Tunheim helped Great River Energy develop its strategic positioning as it navigates an ever-evolving industry landscape.


Great River Energy, an energy generation and transmission co-op, is in an industry that will see a lot of future change in the way its product is both created and distributed.

Great River Energy is nimbly prepared to adapt, but it can’t afford to do so quietly. The co-op needs to proactively position itself — using communication tools — as thoughtfully leading the change affecting the energy industry, rather than being swept up into it.


While adept at sharing its stories of value and innovation, Great River Energy did not have a focused strategy on how to approach external audiences in a proactive way. Through a robust positioning exercise that included key stakeholder interviews, such as co-op members, employees, financial rating agencies and media, Tunheim helped Great River Energy crystalize four key points that are most important to its audiences, and provide a clear direction for its communications. 


The results of the Tunheim positioning exercise and our ongoing consulting work has helped the communications team think more strategically and less reactively, as well as prepared the Great River Energy executives to successfully position the company as a nimble leader in its industry. Its four key positioning statements are now the guiding lights for Great River Energy’s communications.