Tunheim developed a new go-to-market brand to ensure the city's long-term success.


Coon Rapids is the sixth-largest suburb in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, with an estimated population of 62,103 in 2013. To better meet its future goals, Coon Rapids realized in late 2007 it needed to update the identity of the city and the way it communicated to visitors, businesses, current and future residents. Tunheim was hired to strategically plan and execute a process to complete a comprehensive positioning and branding exercise.


The focus of this city rebranding was to maintain the strong civic pride and sense of community in Coon Rapids, attract and retain residents and businesses, and ensure that communication of important city messages to all stakeholders was done in a clear, consistent and easy-to-understand manner.

Tunheim conducted extensive studies that included focus groups, a review of existing research, surveys and a communications audit to assess the knowledge and opinions held by key stakeholders, such as residents, city officials, business owners and more. The insights derived from this research informed the overall positioning and brand identity for the city and its new visual identity and logo. It also influenced an ongoing strategic communications and marketing plan for the city, created by Tunheim.

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Tunheim identified the city’s strengths and assets, as well as its challenges and perceptions, among a wide cross-section of Coon Rapids’ stakeholders. It then authored a concise positioning statement to serve as the foundation of the city’s brand and the basis for all future communication efforts. Key messages were developed to articulate the brand of the city to key influencers and audiences and a graphic designer was engaged to create a new city logo — which visually reflected the community spirit and captured the essence of its new positioning and brand.

Finally, Tunheim delivered a comprehensive strategic communications and marketing plan that provided next steps for the city of Coon Rapids to build its brand, more broadly share its key messages and reach its future growth goals.