At Tunheim,

we’re in the business of Rethinking.

The world is changing faster than fast. What happened yesterday could easily impact your business or organization today. So the way you think about business — and your organization’s reputation — must adapt and evolve too. Probably faster than you think.

Rethinking is our methodology. It means looking inside everything, so we can think outside everything. Communications is a management tool. Our Rethinking represents the changing requirements of the role of communications to help organizations be successful. We arm our clients so that they can confidently navigate the challenges in any room.

Rethinking Manifesto

What does it really mean
For us it means looking at everything inside and out
It’s asking why this and why that
It’s providing fresh perspectives for your business
Rethinking uncovers valuable insights
And sparks inspiration where there was none
At Tunheim rethinking is what we do every day
But the best rethinking means having a seat at the table
A place in the foxhole
It means being an ally and a partner
On good days and bad

Rethinking means taking responsibility
It means thinking critically and strategically
It means understanding complex business problems
And navigating the changes that surround them
It’s being able to manage the unmanageable
And fearlessly saying what needs to be said
Today business is changing faster than fast
What happened yesterday will change tomorrow
Which is why you need Tunheim

The business of Rethinking.