8 Trends in Integrated Communications for 2023

These are eight trends in integrated communications we can expect to see in 2023.

1. Reevaluate Social Media Plans 

As the dumpster fire that was Twitter continues to burn, and Meta faces layoffs and government scrutiny in 2023, communications professionals will need to reevaluate their digital ad and social listening tools continually.

With so many changes in the digital landscape, it is essential to stay abreast of new digital channels to maximize your tools and practices in 2023. 

2. Video Continues to be King of Storytelling 

Quality video storytelling can be utilized across multiple channels. For one client, we launch new video stories at monthly all-staff meetings. Then, we use that same content to enhance website SEO, boost social media posts, leverage it as thought leadership material, and use it as digital advertising.  

3. Create Owned Media Channels 

Because more and more people receive news through social media coupled with the resulting layoffs in traditional newsrooms, it is getting increasingly difficult to get quality stories in legacy media outlets.

Now is the time for companies to increase the amount of content they produce and release on owned channels such as blogs, social media, and podcasts. Once you have quality content that tells your story, you can boost it across your channels and customize it to your audience so you control how you’re being heard.  

4. COVID-19 Spurred Transformational Government Spending 

Since the pandemic disrupted business as usual in 2020, the federal government has infused an unprecedented about of money into the economy under two presidents. Make sure your company knows what new funding is available and maximize your chances to access it.

This could be a great time to join or build a coalition aligned with government initiatives.  

5. News is Becoming Hyper-Targeted 

COVID-19 forced people to separate and quarantine for long periods, but they still seek connection with their communities.

Distributing relevant content that creates communities of people with shared values will be more effective than broader brand awareness campaigns. Successful pitches will be tailored to niche audiences and publications.

77% of PR pros ranked relevance and personalization as the most important factors in determining whether a PR pitch will be successful.  (Source: Muck Rack 2021) 

6. Connection to Work is Fundamentally Different 

Corporate communication is no longer just about keeping employees informed. Organizations must redefine a stable workforce: when and where employees work and what keeps them engaged.

As many employees took the pandemic to rethink what they want in a career, companies must become more open to new ways of doing things and new workforce incentives. Brands and organizations must remain flexible and resourceful as guidelines on all levels are changing rapidly.

Effectively communicating and managing these changes will be critical to long-range success. 

7. Authentic and Genuine Messaging Rings True

Gen X and Millennials want to feel the companies they support are doing good for the world.

Corporate responsibility and ESG plans should be communicated to audiences only when they are authentic and genuine. Audiences are getting more sophisticated at separating companies that are “greenwashing” or embellishing cause-marketing results in their reporting, and inauthentic efforts backfire.

8. Diversity Matters

As demographics in the United States become increasingly diverse and communications become more global, brands must design communication strategies relevant to all audiences.

Communication tactics must be accessible and inclusive, and messages must be presented in authentic voices through various targeted channels. Don’t overlook or, worse, offend growing sectors of your audience base. 

If any of these are needs at your organization or brand, let’s discuss how Tunheim can help you build a smart and integrated approach to reach your desired audiences.   

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