Economic crises accelerate business innovation.
A new world challenge is unfolding.

Is your organization ready?

The COVID-19 crisis is moving into the next phase for organizations. Are you prepared to lead your organization into the future?

COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Tunheim has a nimble methodology to inform the process of pivoting for recovery.

  • Scenario Mapping for Decision-Making
  • Managing Threats and Opportunities
  • Stakeholder Communication Trigger Planning
  • Messaging and Storytelling Support
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Our services

Management Consulting

Tunheim is nationally recognized for helping dynamic organizations navigate complex, fast-moving disruptions. We have the experience to identify strategic gaps, bring insight to challenges and help teams pivot from crisis to opportunity.

Communications and Public Relations

Once a strategic direction is established, we help communicate the need for change internally and externally. Our role is to ensure every stakeholder critical to success understands your direction and embraces your positioning.

Crisis Communications

Tunheim helps organizations plan, navigate, respond and manage crises. We have deep experience across all business sectors. We bring strong values and best practices to the art of navigating a crisis.

Digital Marketing

We understand the complex intersections of digital mediums, and how to reach your key audiences through social and digital platforms. We build digital campaigns that bolster communications strategies and bring them to life in a new context.

Public Affairs

We use deep insight and vast experience to develop thoughtful strategy that can position your organization with key stakeholders. We understand the intersection of public policy, relationship building, and digital and traditional media, and can help tell your organization’s story with an integrated communications and public affairs strategy.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Team Tunheim is here to help guide you.

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