Gaye Lindfors

If your organization is in transition, it’s helpful to have a guide to help you manage the journey. You would be wise to seek the counsel of Gaye — we think of her as our own organizational Sacagawea.

Bringing more than 25 years of leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations, Gaye offers insightful strategic business advice. Her organizational development expertise and experience has helped many businesses transform the way they do business.

Gaye’s previous experience includes leading a human resources team that supported 12,000 airline employees and serving as Senior Vice President/Special Assistant to a college president. Supported by a Master of Arts degree in industrial relations from the University of Minnesota and mentors who have encouraged and challenged her, Gaye’s organizational expertise is influenced by lessons learned from working with people.

Gaye is the Midwest Regional Director for the Christian Women in Media Association, and past president of the National Speakers Association, Minnesota chapter. She is the author of two books: “Find a Job: The Little Book for Big Success” and “God, Girlfriends & Chocolate.” As an expert in managing through transition, Gaye has been interviewed for publications, TV and radio.

Gaye loves music, books, Häagen-Dazs ice cream and laughing until it hurts. She and her husband, Steve, create time to read, listen to jazz and volunteer in their community and church.

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