Brian Ortale

Brian brings over 25 years of business experience to the Tunheim team. He created, owned and grew his own business when he was just 21 years old and has since spent his time leading financial teams in the retail, technology and creative industries.

During his time leading business operations at Creatis, Inc., Brian handled all aspects of financial management including the budgeting, revenue and expense forecasting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. He developed and provided timely operational and financial analysis including interpretation of results and recommendations. Brian is also experienced in strategic business perspectives and actively offered input to leaders in the industry. His work contributed to reducing that company’s health care costs by 30 percent in 2014.

Brian’s diverse background reflects his ability to understand the financial strategies that are vital to business success in a variety of sectors. He is passionate about numbers as well as leadership and has played key roles in rethinking both the budgets and strategies of large operations.