Karin Johnson


Karin uses words, ideas and relationships to strategically move projects forward, thriving in the space where organizations meet public and government stakeholders.

With an affinity for asking “why,” Karin delves deep to understand clients’ unique needs. She helps clients break down complex information and reach wide audiences. Karin comes to us from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she grew public consensus to restore civil-war era buildings for homeless veterans, led media strategy for a national restaurant chain entering Wisconsin, gained critical support for Milwaukee’s streetcar, and won municipal approvals for Milwaukee-area real estate projects.

Karin brings valuable insight in local government, having won election to the La Crosse, Wisconsin County Board at the age of 20 and led communications efforts for several political campaigns in Western Wisconsin.

Karin is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse where she received a Bachelor of Arts degrees in public administration, political science, and English rhetoric and composition.

Karin is a graduate of Emerge Wisconsin, a premier national training program for women candidates, and remains passionate about electing more women to public office.

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