Anthony Vincent Bova


When Anthony is working as a communications coach he does something unusual. He attempts to get executives to be more like, well, themselves. This counterintuitive approach helps executives communicate authentically, and in the process, makes their messages ring true and connect deeply with their audience.

Anthony has helped people from Broadway to Wall Street communicate with clarity, authenticity, confidence and passion.

For more than three decades, Anthony has worked with clientele throughout the United States, Europe and has a strong following in Turkey. He has taught at elite educational institutions, including the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, and Tufts University. He was also a consultant for special event projects in New York City’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration.

In addition to his communications coaching, Anthony is the founder and artistic director of the Bova Actors Workshop, which is housed in his own Times Square theatre. Anthony is a trained actor and dancer with many stage credits such as the national touring company of CATS.

Anthony was born in Brooklyn and currently resides in Manhattan. Whenever he comes to Minnesota, Anthony makes time to stop at Bunny's for dinner and sports highlights.

In 1979, Anthony set the New York state record for consecutive sit-ups with 4,003. (It was the last three that really hurt.)

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