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Trump’s Electoral Success Makes Digital The New Public Affairs Norm


Digital ads are the new norm for public affairs campaigns. In 2016, more than $1.4 billion was spent on digital ads in federal, state and local elections. That’s a 789% increase from only four years ago. In fact, more money was spent on digital ads than telemarketing, cable TV ads and direct mail. Facebook remains […]

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Brexit & Med Devices: Six Critical Business Scenarios


The Impact of Brexit Includes Clinical Trials, R&D, Taxes and Litigation. Medical device makers must consider multiple scenarios and alternative strategies as Brexit threatens to impact nearly every critical business factor. Tunheim’s team of global business consultants in Minneapolis and Brussels share insights, strategies and six specific scenarios every leader in the med device industry […]

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Boost Your Corporate Reputation to Build a Better Brand: Here’s How


  Whether you operate a large corporation or a single-location store, there’s nothing more important to your organization’s success than managing your business reputation. The quicker you enact a plan to actively develop an appropriate brand image and do the work to protect it, the better off your company will be in the long run.  […]

Tunheim News

Tunheim Hires Three New Consultants


  MINNEAPOLIS – October 13, 2016 – Tunheim, a Minneapolis-based communications consulting firm, recently announced the addition of new hires Eli Bjerk, Karin Johnson, and Mike Frahm. All three add to Tunheim’s extensive experience developing thoughtful and effective strategic communications, as well as cultivating strong relationships with stakeholders and community leaders in the corporate, academic, […]

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Creating Content That Matters to Your Customers


The internet and social media have changed how organizations interact with prospects and customers. Prospects rely on blogs, social channels and their own research to determine potential companies with which to do business, and rely less on trade shows and traditional sales channels to make those connections. They are no longer making purchase decisions based […]

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Employing the Past: Becoming a Beloved Brand by Leveraging Nostalgia


In the world of media, the zeitgeist has become rampant with a call back to fond memories of the past. The last few months have seen a resurgence in practices and properties that captivate our beloved conception of the past. “Ghostbusters” was one of this past summer’s hottest blockbusters, Pokémon Go has invaded the public consciousness, […]

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Are you an effective communicator? How authentic communication can increase your ROI


Just seven percent of what you communicate to others is interpreted through the words you speak*. The remaining 93 percent is communicated through non-verbal factors. So, that being the case, please, join me in a moment of personal panic, and ask yourself “What have I been ‘saying’ all of these years?”  To get to the […]

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