Crisis Communication

Crisis Management When You Need it Most

Don’t wait to craft a response to your next crisis. Be prepared.

Tunheim is a leader in creating and executing proactive crisis plans that reach an organization’s target audience while protecting its reputation.

In Minnesota, our crisis management team is the first to receive a phone call when a serious issue occurs. We understand that the media environment is a constantly moving target — from social and digital to traditional media, the crisis conversation moves at warp speed. We work with our clients to formulate a crisis strategy that meets their unique organizational challenges. We identify potential issues that may impact the bottom line and create strategy and messaging that will see an organization through a business crisis. 

We also know that reputation management in the face of a crisis is of paramount importance to any brand, that’s why your long-term reputation is our first priority in the event of a crisis. We work diligently to manage the crisis while protecting the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Be prepared for any crisis–Tunheim will be your partner. Contact us today.


  • Crisis Communications Support
  • Crisis Communications Training
  • Cyber Security Incident Planning and Response
  • Social and Media Relations
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Reputation and Issues Management

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