Tunheim was enlisted to build the foundation of a newly launched consulting firm.


Independent colleges and universities face multiple interrelated challenges.

From a change in the perceived value of higher education, to increased competition and the changing ability of families to pay for college, the challenges these colleges face are numerous. Successful college and university leaders will need to embrace these challenges and rethink their strategies and operational assumptions.

Institutions that recognize and address these changes will be better positioned to compete in a world of increasing competition, changing student demographics and economic uncertainty.


The leaders of Templeton Laird understood these insights facing colleges and universities and aimed to launch a higher education consulting firm.

They enlisted Tunheim to build the foundation of this new venture through tagline and message platform creation, website development and continued strategic guidance on how to bring the new firm to market.


The idea was strong but decisions about how to bring the new company to market had yet to be discussed. Tunheim led this process by working with Templeton Laird to define its offerings, market differentiators, ideal clients and other key business strategies. Tunheim then took this information to create a tagline, message platform and build a website.


Although still a new company, Templeton Laird has completed six consulting projects and continues to connect with industry leaders and prospective clients using the messaging platform developed by Tunheim.

Additionally, Tunheim continues to be involved in the development of the firm, recently launching a thought leadership blog, identifying key influencers for Templeton Laird to connect with and participating in strategy sessions.